Moosewala’s manager moves HC for protection, cites threat from gangsters Bishnoi and Brar

Punjabi singer Seydu Musiwala’s manager, Shagan Preet Singh, has taken to the Punjab and Haryana High Court asking for protection and security of life and freedom, fearing a serious threat to life from gangster Lawrence Bishnoi and Satwinder Singh aka Goldie Prair.

In another petition, Chagan Preet Singh also sought his release on pre-emptive bail in the case of the murder of Vicky Medokira, one of the young Akali Dal leaders who was shot dead in Mohali in August 2021.

Matters have not yet come to a hearing before the Supreme Court.

In his petition, 29-year-old Shagan Preet asserted, through Senior Advocate Vinod Ghai and advocates Kanika Ahuja and Gaurav Dutta, that he was working as a de facto principal with Moosewala, being one of his closest friends.

The petition notes that Chagan Preet went to Australia on April 6. “The petitioner’s name was not mentioned in the FIR and his role did not appear during the investigation that was conducted for approximately eight months. The petition stated that the investigative agency, by taking advantage of his absence, had tampered with a statement revealing Ajay’s pseudonym Sunny Lefty on 10 April 2022 , where she provided the name of the petitioner, in reference to the investigation into Medokira’s murder.

“This disclosure statement was manipulated for ulterior motives and was recorded under pressure and duress. This is evidenced by the fact that the alleged disclosure of the petitioner’s designation was recorded 8 months after the FIR,” the petition states.

The petition states that Chagan Brett is “involved in the FIR case on the basis of an alleged disclosure statement to other defendants, which is inadmissible at law.” The petition adds that the investigative agency “has no other corroborating evidence in the form of call logs, the location of the tower, or any kind of conversation between the plaintiff and the other defendants, Ajay.”

She says Shagan Preet has no connection with the gang that allegedly killed Medokira, however he is “targeted by the rival Bishnu gang and Barrar”. “The petitioner receives death threats from people associated with Bishnoi and Barar,” the petition said.

In the petition, Chagan Preet asserted that after the murder of Musiwala, as his business manager, he too realizes the same fate at the hands of Bishnoi and Barar.

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