Monsoon arrives in Bihar, but heatwave prevails in seven districts

Patna: The southwest monsoon has reached Bihar and covered four districts including Kishanganj, Araria, Purnia and Supuwal, the Patna Meteorological Center said on Monday. According to the meteorological department, the districts near the foothills of the Himalayas are likely to receive more than normal rain this month.

Patna Meteorological Center Director Vivek Sinha said, “Monsoon is likely to cover the entire state this week. Conditions are favorable for the monsoon to advance further in some parts of the state over the next four days. Rainfall activities in the state are likely to increase after June 15. Plenty of rain, including thunder, lightning and thunderstorms, is likely to hit the state soon.

Tropical winds swept across the state, including Gaya, Rohtas, Sheikhpur, Buxar, Aurangabad, Nawada and Nalanda. With a maximum temperature of 46.6 degrees Celsius, Buxar continues to be the hottest place in the state.

According to the weather bulletin, the maximum temperature in Gaya is recorded at 44.6 ° C, followed by Rohtas 44.6 ° C, Sheikhpur 43.3 ° C, Aurangabad 44.7 ° C, Nawada 43.9 ° C and Nalanda at 42.9 ° C. Patna’s maximum temperature as of Monday is 41.5 ° C.

The rainfall in the last 24 hours was 54.5 mm in Forbesganj, 52.8 mm in Kishanganj and 40.2 mm in Narapatganj.

Patni Meteorological Officer Kamini Kumari said, “In most parts of the state, the eastern and southeastern winds dominate the average sea level by 0.9 km, while the western and south-west winds dominate the southern regions. District. As a result, parts of the state are experiencing rainy weather, while parts of the state are experiencing heatwave conditions.

“As the southwest monsoon continues in some parts of the state, rainfall activity will increase over the next 24 hours.

Monsoon arrived in Bihar on June 12 last year.

Meanwhile, the Patna District has ordered the suspension of the pontoon bridges between Kachchidarga-Rustampura, Gaspur-Kaladira and Danapur-Panapur from June 15. The decision was made in the wake of the onset of monsoon, which could lead to a rise. At the water level of the Ganges.

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