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The World Health Organization on Thursday said there were 80 monkeypox cases (and 50 suspected infections) in 11 countries, and warned that expanding surveillance and testing could result in more cases being reported. Occasional outbreaks among locals and travelers The WHO said that so far cases of viral disease, which are usually endemic to animal populations in parts of West and Central Africa, are ‘typical’. Cases have now been reported in major European countries and in Canada, the United States and Australia, the world is dealing with an outbreak of anxiety even as it is dealing with the Kovid-19 epidemic.

Which countries have Monkeypox cases?

Spain It has 31 confirmed cases, 24 of which were reported Friday. A number of cases are in the Madrid area and authorities have closed the sauna associated with many infections. According to Reuters, the word ‘sauna’ in Spain describes organizations that are popular among gay men who seek sex rather than a bathroom. There are 18 suspected cases – 15 in the Madrid region, two in the Canary Islands and one in the Andalusian region, officials said.

Portugal Contains 23 confirmed cases. All patients are in clinical follow-up but so far no one has been hospitalized and is in stable condition, the National Health Authority said.

The Netherlands It reported its first case on Friday and the government health agency warned of more infections. Dutch health officials are still trying to report several cases.

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Israel Detecting a possible monkeypox case – a 30-year-old man who recently returned from a Western European country and is exhibiting symptoms consistent with the disease. The Times of Israel said they were in stable condition.

Germany Its first case was also discovered – a man in the Bavarian region had typical skin lesions – on Friday, German news agency Deutsche Welle said; The country’s Armed Forces Medical Service has called the case rash ‘the largest and most widespread outbreak of monkey pox ever seen in Europe’.

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Belgium AFP reports that it has three confirmed cases and all related to a gay fetish festival in the port city of Antwerp. Three cases in Belgium caused further anxiety that the virus was spreading rapidly among gay and bisexual men; The WHO has already issued a warning in this regard.

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The United Kingdom Has at least 20 confirmed cases. Health Secretary Sajid Javed said on Friday that most cases were ‘mild’ and that the UK was collecting smallpox vaccine (as in Spain), which would protect against malaria. Britain has seen a significant number of homosexual and bisexual men in the UK, according to the UK Health Security Agency.

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In the first case France A 29-year-old man from the Ile-de-France region, which includes Paris. Health officials said they were not in the country where the virus was spreading recently.

The United States There is still only one case – a Massachusetts man returning from Canada. The second possible case – in New York City – is being tracked. A senior Biden administration official told Reuters that more cases are likely to occur in the next few days but that the risk to the general public is minimal.

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Italy There are three confirmed cases so far, two of which were reported from the same hospital in Rome and are believed to be related to the first reported case of recent return from the Canary Islands of Spain. Doctors at the Rome Hospital – which specializes in infectious diseases – have suggested that many cases in Europe are the result of human-to-human transmission.

Sweden This time it has a confirmed case.

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Canada Global News reported Friday that it has five confirmed cases. Three of these are in Quebec, and the Canadian Public Health Agency is investigating at least two dozen other suspected cases. Mangan’s disease was not previously diagnosed in the country.

Australia Reported on its first case on Friday – a 30-year-old man recently returned from the UK in Melbourne. A second suspect is a 40-year-old Sydney man who traveled to Europe. Both men had mild illness with symptoms that were clinically compatible with the monkeypox, health officials said.

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