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So far, India has reported eight cases of monkeypox, with Kerala and Delhi having five and three patients respectively.

A day later, the number of confirmed cases of monkeypox in India rose to eight, with one patient diagnosed each. Delhi And KeralaThe Union Health Ministry on Wednesday released a list of dos and don’ts in viral diseases.

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“Protect yourself from #monkeypox. Know what you should and shouldn’t do to prevent the disease. For more information, visit of Health said in a tweet.

DOS: (1.) Isolate the infected person from others so that the disease does not spread.

(2.) Use hand sanitizer, or wash your hands with soap.

(3.) Cover your mouth with a mask and hands with disposable gloves when near the patient.

(4.) Use disinfectants to clean the environment around you.

Don’t: (1.) Avoid sharing linen, bedding, clothes, towels, etc. with people who have tested positive for monkeypox.

(2.) Do not wash soiled linen or laundry of sick and non-infected together.

(3.) Avoid public events even if you only exhibit symptoms of the disease.

(4.) Do not stigmatize infected people and even suspected patients. Also, don’t believe any rumor or misinformation.

Monkeypox in India: Of the eight confirmed cases, Kerala and Delhi have five and three patients respectively.

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