Mohammed Shami Reveals Why he Doesn’t Rely on Variations in T20 Cricket

Mohamad Shami, the speed driver for the India and Gujarat Titans, the highest-grossing wicket-taker in power play during this IPL season, said on Monday that the secret to his success was running in the right areas. Shami took 11 wickets at 20 times each to prepare him for the Titans in force operations.

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“In T20 cricket we focus on the differences – the slower, the goalkeepers. But in my opinion, it’s all about bowling in the right areas and then it becomes a tough result,” Shami said during a virtual media interaction on the eve of the first IPL qualifier against the Rajasthan Royals, that has always been my game plan.

“The white ball doesn’t swing after a few times. So my plan is always to use the new ball as often as you can. You can say it’s all about the experience. It’s very important to control the line and the height. You keep thinking about a lot of things when you play in T20.”

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He said his team had a strong bowling unit which performed well in the power game.

“It’s about doing well in the power game and then the match falls into place.”

Go play in Aden

Shami was all pushed back to the land where he first appeared.

“You know the Earth from the inside out, it gives a different feeling. You are always so involved in playing in front of the audience of Eden,” Shami said.

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Orange Cup holders Gus Butler, who has three and a half horns this season, will stand his way forward but Shammy isn’t worried about the match.

“As a player, you don’t think too much about hitting. Every racket has a weakness. You have to support your skills. I do that, I never look at the name and who is fighting against me.”

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