Mohali to have two new sports stadiums by July

Mohali is preparing to acquire two more sports fields in Phase VII and Phase XI by July.

Mohali Mayor, Amarjeet Singh Seydu, said on Friday that a total of five sports grounds – Phase Six Swimming Pool, Phase 5, Sector 71, Phase 7 and Phase 11 – will be taken from the Greater Mohali District Development Authority (GMADA) by the civil authority.

To start the process, the municipality will first take over the stadium for stage 7 and stage 11.

He said a proposal has been sent to the new municipal commissioner, Navgot Kaur, in this regard, and the work will be completed soon. Sido said that the responsibility rests with the Foundation to provide sports facilities for the people of Mohali and for this reason the decision was taken to acquire these sports stadiums.

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He said it was still being debated over whether the civil authority would manage these stadiums on its own or on a contract basis.

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