Modi-Macron Talks to Figure Host of Key Issues

In their talks on Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President Emmanuel Macron are likely to discuss mitigating the global economic impacts of the Ukraine conflict as well as ways to ensure a cessation of hostilities in that country, diplomatic sources said. Modi, who is currently visiting Denmark, is due to make a brief stopover in Paris for the return trip where he will hold intense talks with President Macron, who was re-elected to a higher office more than a week ago.

The sources said discussions will also focus on how France can continue to be India’s “partner of choice” in its quest to become self-reliant in defense manufacturing. They said the talks will also explore ways to enhance cooperation in the fields of technology, space and energy.

The sources said the two leaders will discuss how to ensure a cessation of hostilities in Ukraine and mitigate the global economic consequences of this conflict. They said that another focus area for the talks would be to deal unitedly with challenges in the Indo-Pacific region.

The sources said Modi and Macron were expected to discuss ways to accelerate a “positive solutions agenda” in the region. “The fact that this visit took place shortly after President Macron’s re-election is an extraordinary gesture of trust and friendship,” said a diplomatic source.

The sources said Modi’s meeting with Macron days after his election victory was very symbolic. The sources said that this sends a strong signal that the two leaders wish to make the Indo-French partnership a guiding principle for their foreign policy for the coming years.

“It is also a testament to the level of personal chemistry between the two leaders, which gives impetus to our joint moves in all areas of cooperation,” the source said.

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