Modern Housing Complex residents write to Chandigarh mayor seeking dog park

The Residential Welfare Association of the Modern Housing Complex says the area has 3,185 residential units on 60 acres and a high population density that corresponds to a large dog population.

A member of the Modern Welfare Complex (MHC) resident welfare association (RWA) has written to authorities to build a dog park near their complex.

In a letter to his local councilor and municipal corporation (MC) Mayor Sarabjit Kaur, RWA President Colonel Gursevak Singh (Retired) said the area comprised of 3,185 residential units in a 60-acre area, with a large area. Population density, which corresponds to the large dog population of pets.

“In the absence of any particular public space, pet dogs are usually carried out by their owners on the roadside or in neighboring parks. This practice is disadvantageous and creates unpleasant situations where dogs are defecated in inappropriate places, ”Singh added.

Singh insisted on establishing a dog park with a walking track and a pool of sand in the ward and then repeated in other parts of the city.

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