‘Mistaken identity’: HC orders archaeological dept to take control of Salem temple found to be Buddhist shrine

The Madras High Court recently ordered the Tamil Nadu Antiquities Department to seize a Hindu temple in Salem district after it was discovered that it was originally a Buddhist temple, according to the British Guardian newspaper. bar and chairs.

The court made its order based on a report submitted by the chief secretary and commissioner of the Department of Antiquities, which concluded that the sculpture inside the temple was clearly a Buddha.

One magistrate of Justice Enand Venkatesh was quoted as saying: “The misidentification cannot be allowed to persist after a conclusion is reached that the statue is a Buddha.” bar and seat. While the court issued its ruling on July 19, the order was issued on August 1.

The court also directed the authorities to ensure that no Hindu ceremonies were held in the building.

The court was hearing a petition by a Buddhist union demanding the restoration of the disputed land and buildings, which were under the control of the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Administration (HR & CE). The petition claimed that although a Buddha statue was installed in the temple, it was converted to worship the Hindu deity Thalaviti Munyapan.

During the hearing, the Tamil Nadu government argued that the building had been treated as Thaleviti Munyappan temple for a long period of time, and that the people of the area came to this place to worship. Therefore, the state said, HR & CE should continue to control the place, treating it as a temple.

While Judge Venkatesh rejected this argument, he said that after examining the report, it would not be appropriate to allow HR & CE to continue treating the statue as Thaleviti Munyapan, as this goes against the very principles of Buddhism.

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