Mika Singh says women will ‘obviously come on Swayamvar’ for his name, fame

Singer Mika Singh is currently looking for a life partner in the reality show, Swayamvar: Mika De Vohti. She has met aspiring brides on the show and is looking forward to finding a connection with them. The singer has now spoken of women who marry him for his “name and fame.” He said everyone wants a “well-settled” groom. Also Read: When Brother Daler left Mehndi’s staff for a solo career, he cried for four days: Dukh tha alag ho raha hai

Swayamvar Mika The Vohti is currently filming at Umd Jodhpur Palace Resort & Spa in Rajasthan. Twelve lone women are participating in the program being broadcast on Star Bharat.

Speaking about the women who come to the show to marry her for her name and fame, Mika told ETIMS in an interview, “All the girls that come to the show, they know they’re coming to be my life partner. They know who I am and I am an established name. They certainly come for my name, fame and there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone wants to marry someone who works and lives well, even parents who are looking for a bride or groom who lives well, no one wants their children to marry fighters.

She added, “Girls usually want to marry a self-made man and take care of her and her family. Agar vo ye soch ke ati hai (if they keep this in mind), I have no problem. It depends on me, how I want to be with them.

The show’s host is the singer and Mika’s close friend Shawn. Unlike other celebrities who have appeared on similar shows, Shawn has promised Mika that she is really looking forward to settling down. In an interview with Hindustan Times, he said, “I am not sure how serious the celebrities of the past were or how they looked to gain popularity. At this stage of life, Mika doesn’t need this kind of popularity. Whenever we met, even during our last visit, he expressed a desire to settle down. I knew he was serious.

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