Mevani takes on Hardik: ‘Below the belt’ comments unwarranted

“Hardik was a comrade from a comrade. He could show his ideological differences as he left the party, but the way in which he tried to hit the top leaders below the belt and use words of grace and decency in politics just didn’t suit him.” Mivani said the Congress hates the Gujarat people but The truth is that despite being in opposition for the past 27 years in Gujarat, every party worker is putting his life at risk to keep the Congress alive and moving forward in Gujarat.” During a press conference held at Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan in Ahmedabad on Friday.

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On Wednesday, Patel posted his resignation letter to Sonia Gandhi on social media in which he claimed that Congress hates Gujarat and Gujarati, and that his senior leadership is busy on vacation abroad while the party is in crisis and the country’s leadership was more concerned with ensuring the “chicken”. Sandwiches’ for party leaders in Delhi.

Mivani Hardek was accused of making comments below the belt against the top leadership of Congress, including Rahul Gandhi. Compare and give the example of Albesh Thakur who also resigned from the Congress to join the BJP saying that Thakur did not make any personal attack like Patel.

You can have disagreements with the Congress but that does not mean that you will accuse it of being anti-Indian and anti-Gujarati. Why should you bring a chicken sandwich reference while submitting your resignation? You targeted Rahul Gandhi who loved you and who you were able to reach. Many congressional leaders don’t have access to senior leadership, I don’t even have one. She became a working chief at the age of 26-27, due to responsibilities and importance, made a prominent fighter, given major platforms and helicopters, and sent to other states so she could rise. Despite all this, just because your demands or demands are not met, you resign from the party. “Even if you weren’t happy with Congress, you could have left in a dignified way,” Miffany said.

He also said that ideology should be like the blood that runs in human veins.

“You claim that the government showed great heart and made reservations about batiders, but the truth is that 14 people from the community were murdered, many of them accused of sedition, and you yourself faced 32 bogus criminal cases. The government showed no big heart. Ideology is like blood in your veins During the past several months, there have been media reports that Hardik is in talks with the BJP to find a compromise or to reach a compromise. If you are bent on your ideology, no one will dare associate you with the BJP. No one can dare to He linked me to the BJP. You never denied the rumors in the media that you were linked to the BJP. I can understand that there could be some compulsion for you, you are facing 32 cases but the way you brought the chicken sandwich reference and targeted the top leadership, attack and comments Character, doesn’t suit you,” Miffany.

He said he stands firmly with Congress. “Since 2-4 friends of our party have left and an environment is created against Congress, therefore, I say this with loud trumpets that despite the intrigues of the governments of Gujarat and Assam, centralism and bogus cases brought against me, I am not going to change my position as I am part of Congress. I say this to those friends who Leave Congress that we’re going to be joining a lot of young people in Congress,” Miffany said.

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