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Menstrual Hygiene Day is celebrated on May 28 every year to raise awareness about menstruation and educate women on hygiene practices to be followed during menstruation. It was launched in 2014 by NGO Wash United, based in Germany. The day is celebrated on May 28 because menstrual cycles average 28 days and women touch an average of five days each month – the fifth month of May. The theme of the 2022 menstrual hygiene day is to ‘make menstruation a normal thing by 2030’. The goal is to build a world where nobody is prevented from becoming menstrual by 2030. (Also Read: Menstrual Hygiene Tips Every Woman Should Follow)

In an interview with HT Digital, Dr Anjali Talwalkar, senior gynecologist, MD DGO – Criticare Asia Multispeciality Hospital, Kurla, outlined five common myths about menstruation.

The Dr. who shares their experience. Talwalkar says that I have seen how many young women and women get into health problems due to various myths about menstruation and how this should change.

“In my professional and personal experience, there have been countless times that I have seen little girls, and women get caught up in the myths surrounding menstruation. Most often, the stigma associated with it can lead to health problems for all women. It’s hard to talk about their periods and understand them well. If you take good care of your body, every day is a world menstrual hygiene day.

Myth 1: Menstruation is unclean

Fact: It’s not. Menstruation is a natural phenomenon that occurs every month. It is periodic bleeding with the lining of the uterus. Proper discussion and sensitivity in school, college and in the office can help immensely because it prevents all forms of humiliation and helps women thrive in an environment without social stigma.

Myth 2: Clothes should be used rather than publicly asked for hygiene products

Fact: Menstruation management is a basic requirement. Therefore, contact the pharmacist without hesitation. Maintain hygiene by using sanitary napkins, recyclable pads, tampons, and menstrual cups.

Myth 3: Exercise is bad for the knees

Fact: Maintaining a stress-free workout regime is important to stay healthy. Track your menstrual cycles by following a calendar or apps.

Myth 4: Women cannot pray during menstruation

Fact: Menstruation does not jeopardize the adoration of a seasoned woman or her family. Discussion with someone in the medical fraternity improves awareness in the family.

Myth 5: PMS is not a real thing

Fact: Women undergo various hormonal changes during and before menstruation. Heart-to-heart dialogue helps to better understand the mental space in this way.

An understanding of menstruation is essential. Discuss the taboos and instill faith and help the woman create a healthy environment for growth.

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