Meet Bee, The Duck Who is Staying Dry This Season in Her Tiny Raincoat

Ducks are very popular on the Internet due to their innate appeal. While they are generally imagined in or around bodies of water, the rare feathered state duck cannot fit into the natural habitat. But this condition has made the duck a well-known bird on social media. Meet Bee, a duck who got a raincoat custom made for her by her owner, and now she’s melting hearts online.

The viral clip was shared on an Instagram page called Mother The Mountain Farm run by two sisters, Julia and Anastasia Vanderbil. The clip immediately introduces the bee and its feathering condition that prevents the duck from resisting water itself. Hence, her owner decided to sew a raincoat for her.

take a look:

In the video, the woman first measures the duck with a tape measure and then begins to sew a raincoat. Once this is done, the owner dresses the duck in a raincoat that seems to fit the bird perfectly. Since sharing it, the video has been liked by almost 6 people.

With a pronounced body, yellow brim, and cute hoodie, Bee looked really cool in a raincoat. Watch:

The condition of the bee’s feathers prevented the water from drying up on its body. Because of this condition, the duck can get sick and find it difficult to swim in the water. Netizens loved the cool raincoat made to solve the problem.

One user wrote, “Love her and her raincoat. Give her a snuggle.” Another claimed that the duck deserved a Pixar movie. One user said, “This is the nicest thing!” While another wrote, “The sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.”

The sisters have a bunch of animals that they take care of in their home. Here’s another duck video that will surely blow your mind.

What do you think of a raincoat made for Bee?

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