Matteo Berrettini Downs Andy Murray in Final on Tour Return

Matteo Berrettini showed signs of reviving the form that took him to last year’s Wimbledon final as he beat Andy Murray 6-4 5-7 6-3 to win the Stuttgart Open on Sunday for his first tournament in three months.

The Italian has not played since Indian Wells in March due to a hand injury that forced him to miss the clay-court swing entirely, and at Murray, he faced an opponent hampered by his own injury issues in the deciding set.

“It was the last thing I imagined when I came here,” Berrettini said of winning the title upon returning to the Tour.

Three-time Grand Slam champion Murray crashed into one of the players’ benches on the field at the first point of the class, and called a doctor soon after for treatment on his left leg and hip. He took another time out when he seemed to indicate there was a problem with his abs at 4-2 down.

“It’s not the way we wanted to finish the match,” Berrettini said, praising Murray’s history of recovering from injuries. “He showed us many times how to get back.”

Berrettini moves to 6-3 in his career final with his second career title in Stuttgart, while Murray is at 46-24 in his 70th career final as he has been chasing his first title since 2019. It was the first time Murray had played a singles final on grass. Since winning Wimbledon in 2016.

On Sunday, tournament organizers said an investigation was launched after Nick Kyrgios said he faced racial abuse from fans in his semi-final loss to Murray the day before.

“No discriminatory acts by spectators are to be accepted,” the organizers said in emailed comments. “We have expressed our regret towards Nick Kyrgios and his team and emphasized that any kind of discrimination is unacceptable. The incident is currently under investigation.”

Kyrgios received a penalty in the match on Saturday when he appeared to confront someone in the crowd during the match.

“One thing I will absolutely not tolerate is spectators harassing and blasting abuse of athletes. It has been happening to me personally for a while, from racist comments to complete disrespect,” the Australian wrote on Instagram on Saturday.

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