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Each animal has its own temperament. Some may have a hard time dropping their lashes if they are too sweet. However, the dog in this recently posted Instagram video is definitely the second one, and when you see why we are saying this, you are probably split. The video shows a man trying to start his car and exclaims that for some reason his car was not starting that day. This is part of the action but definitely not the second part of the video.

The video continues to show how the man uses the key against the fur of his pet dog. This is the moment when the little dog starts to shout in a pretty hilarious way. The video of this dog being shared on Instagram translates to a dog’s fee equal to 10 biscuits. Since posting this, the video has caused several people to laugh out loud.

Watch the video to see if this has the same effect on you:

Comedian Avinash Dagar posted the video on her Instagram page on June 17. This video has over 12.8 million views and many comments.

“Kiko is naughty nowadays,” reads an Instagram user’s comment. “Elmao I was laughing so much,” another posted. “Kiko is such a cutie,” the third wrote.

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