Mangoes Are Symbol of Friendship Between India and US: Ambassador Sandhu

India’s top envoy here said that the Indian mango that has re-emerged in the US after several years is a symbol of friendship and a reflection of strength, durability and maturity in the bilateral partnership, engaging the influential community in the capital with mango diplomacy. . Noting that the fruit has been grown in India for more than 5,000 years and the country produces more than 40 percent of the world’s total mangoes, Ambassador of India to the United States Tarangit Singh Sandhu said that this reflects the close ties between the world’s oldest and largest democracies. .

“Mango is a symbol of friendship,” Sandow told a group of influential Washington dignitaries at a reception here Thursday at India House where he treated them to mango delicacies ranging from mango lassi to freshly cut mangoes.

The reception was attended by, among others, officials from the United States Trade Representative; USDA and Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service; And the US Department of Commerce without their efforts, the ambassador said, Indian mangoes would not be here today.

“Today we celebrate the hard work that both sides have done to further strengthen the economic and trade partnership, as well as people-to-people ties,” Sandu said. At the recent India-US Trade Policy Ministerial Forum held in India late last year, the two countries agreed to resolve decades-old market access problems.

During the meeting, it was agreed to grant access to Indian mangoes and pomegranates in the United States, and similarly, New Delhi agreed to allow cherries, hay, and pork from the United States. Both sides have been working on it ever since.

“This is a reflection of the strength, durability and maturity of the partnership between India and the United States. As friends, we can sit down and discuss and resolve the challenges that come our way. It shows the huge potential that exists in our partnership.” Last year, the volume of bilateral trade between India and the United States reached 160 Billion dollar.

“Mango leaves and mangoes symbolize prosperity and good luck. They are considered auspicious. I hope India-US relations will move to higher levels in the coming months and years, and bring fortunes to the people of India and the United States, and the entire world,” Sandhu said.

Christopher Wilson, Assistant US Trade Representative for South and Central Asia, said it was great to see tangible results of the work they did together on this important issue for India and the US.

“We are confident that Indian mangoes will find a huge appetite in the United States,” he said.

There is a lot going on in the US-India trade relationship. The ambassador noted a successful relaunch of our Trade Policy Forum at the end of last year, and we’re now making good progress, I think, in terms of driving that momentum forward with the active work of a number of our working groups under the TPF,” Wilson said.

Congressman Jerry McNerney also spoke on the occasion.

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