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Videos featuring a man and his dog wearing a green screen suit have been posted on Instagram.

Do you regularly follow Instagram’s official page on the same social media platform? Do you like to watch videos of pet cats or dogs? Then it’s likely that you know about the weekly series via Instagram where they share videos of super cute pets. Like his latest post, the dog shows ‘flying’ and it can remind you of an up-to-date animated movie. The dog can be seen flying to his back with the help of balloons. However, before you take care of Pooch’s safety, let us tell you that the video is not real but is created using technology. A dog wearing a green screen suit is flying with his human help.

On today’s #WeeklyFluff, Instagram wrote while sharing the video, “Meet the friendly and gentle Boston Terrier Paca (@i_am_paca) floating over the weekend. The video opens with a dog with some heart balloons tied to his waist. Starts to fly.

Watch the video:

This video, which was shared about 15 hours ago, is all kinds of viral online. The post has prompted people to share different comments. Many demonstrated their reaction using heart or fire emoticons.

A video shared on a dog person’s Instagram profile shows how its human made it possible.

What is your opinion on the videos?

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