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A touching video of a man talking to a squirrel while feeding squirrels has been posted on Instagram.

Even pet parents or animal lovers will find themselves talking to adorable creatures. Just like this man did in this super sweet video. A clip shared on Instagram shows a man talking while feeding two squirrels. However, what has won people is the polite way he talks to animals.

A man named Derrick Downey Jr. posted a video on his Instagram page. “Simple things always make the most sense to me. Give me all the experience of the gift of nature and I’m good, ”he shared with the video.

The video opens to show a man sitting on the ground with a squirrel standing next to him. He sees someone talking to another and asks to see her instead of the camera. We don’t give the video all the fun it shows, so take a look at the video.

The video was posted four days ago. Since sharing, the clip has garnered a number of views and the numbers are increasing rapidly. The touching video has prompted people to post various comments.

“I will never exceed this lol,” actor Loren Lott posted in response to the video. “Best Squirrel Father!” Written by chef Gabriel Reyes.

“HAHHHHH OMG It’s so cute babe. I love it !!!” The third expressed. “It’s beautiful,” the fourth commented. “Oh now you’re Doctor Dolittle,” the fifth exclaimed. “I love it,” shared the sixth. Others have expressed the same view.

A day ago, he even posted a video demonstrating his reaction to the video becoming viral. Look at the way they celebrate and be sure to raise the voice.

What is your opinion on the video?

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