Man loses ₹12.24 lakh in Facebook sextortion scam | Mumbai news

Mumbai. A 47-year-old Santa Cruz resident cheated on this tune when random friend requests on social media could get you in trouble. 12.24 lakhs. Acting as officers of YouTube and the Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell, the gang has recently blackmailed a video of a gangster with a woman whom he befriended on Facebook, with a video he recorded while filing a complaint.

Complainants working with Internet and cable service operator Priyanka Sharma on March 2 sent a Facebook Friend request to a user. The woman received his friend Request and messaged him shortly after. She then shared her WhatsApp number with him.

That night, the complainant made a video call to the shared number of the woman. She received a video call and the two talked for a while.

“There were three video calls between the complainant and the woman that night and the woman was naked during the conversation. She had succeeded in persuading the complainant’s clothes to untie. A few minutes later, the woman called him and told him that he had recorded his video call conversation and threatened to upload it on various social media platforms if he did not pay. The complainant was first transferred as directed by her 20,000 in a given bank account.

A few days later the complainant received a call from Manjeet Singh Rathod, who identified himself as an officer of the Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell. Singh told the complainant that his nude video was posted on YouTube and that it violated his policy so that the Delhi police was informed. Singh shared his number with YouTube executive Srikanth and called him and asked him to solve the problem.

When the complainant called Srikanth, he asked for money to delete the video from YouTube. He transferred the money as per direction.

A few days later, Singh again called the complainant and asked him to speak to his elder Mahindra Swamy. When Swamy was approached, the complainant was told that when the police went to arrest the cheating woman Priyanka Sharma, she had committed suicide and her (name of the complainant) had emerged during the investigation. Said in a police complaint.

Swamy asked the complainant to file a murder case against them and pay them if they wanted it not. The complainant, who thought he was caught in a police case, had transferred the money to Swami’s request, police said.

This continued for a few weeks and the accused demanded money. He eventually contacted cyber police and filed an FIR on Wednesday.

The police have registered a case against the accused under the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code and Information Technology Act for extortion, fraud and impersonation.

Cyber ​​police sources said that the fraudsters pose as policemen in extortion or misuse a YouTube name and intimidate victims.

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