Man killed after boulders hit HRTC bus in Chamba

One person was killed and six others were injured when a Himachal Pradesh Transport Agency (HRTC) bus shot dead a bus near Sach Pass in Chamba district.

One person was killed and six others were injured when a Himachal Pradesh Transport Corporation (HRTC) bus collided with rocks near Sach Pass in Chamba district on Sunday.

The bus was heading to Chamba from Killer, the administrative center of the Pangi Valley. The Bolero, Pickup jeep and canter were also damaged.

Tissa Sub-Divisional Magistrate Girish Sumra said the security teams were rushed to the spot with two ambulances. The victims were taken to Tissa Hospital where their condition is said to be stable.

Sach Pass (4,414 m) is the shortest route linking the Pangi Valley with Chamba. Most of the 170-km Riyadh is metalless and passes through high mountains. The road is closed from October to June due to snowfall.

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