Man Ditches Wedding Ceremony to Save Dog From Drowning and He’s Our Hero

A video recently shared on social media shows why dogs and humans are best friends. Admittedly, years of evidence have already accumulated and consisted of sincere and honest actions that add weight to the proverb. But despite the large pile, highlighting such incidents tends to warm the hearts of viewers and leave them dazed. In the latest evidence for why canines and humans have coexisted for centuries, a man attending a wedding in the vicinity has rescued a dog stuck on the bank of a fiercely flowing stream. In the video, a reinforced bank appears, under which is a black dog frightened to death. Helpless, he was seen standing on a small piece of land that he managed to get.

Suddenly, a man in a two-piece was seen heading towards the edge of the bank. He takes off his coat first and gets into a prone position in an attempt to catch the dog. Despite being able to touch a dog, he appears to be less than a few inches short to hold a powerful limb. All he can reach are the dog’s ears.

This happens when another man approaches the man trying to rescue the dog and holds the man’s legs in the prone position. Having made a better reach, he dived further and was able to grab the dogs’ legs.

take a look:

The dog, on stable ground, explores the area a little while the men return with their coats. The dog, in the last few seconds of the video, is seen tracking the man who rescued him.

Netizens were very pleased with this happy ending to a video featuring a man and a dog. One user stated, “Sometimes, I like humanity. I like how the dog eventually followed.” Another wrote, “Honestly, this warms my heart.”

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