Man accused of ‘instigating public, pelting stones’ during Jahangirpuri violence arrested, say Delhi Police

The Delhi Police Crime Branch said it had arrested one of the main suspects on Tuesday April 16 Jahangirpuri violence He was detained on charges of rioting and assaulting policemen. The man, identified as Sanur Malik, 29, was accused of inciting local residents and throwing stones at police during the riots.

Police said Malik fled months ago and is hiding in West Bengal and elsewhere. They said he was wanted in the case, and the Rohini court even declared him a “witnessed criminal”.

On Tuesday, the police received information from an informant about Malik. They were told that he had come to C-block in Jahangirpuri for some time and would soon leave for West Bengal.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime Branch) Vishtra Veer said: “The undercover informant has informed us that if Malik is not arrested this time, he will flee to his native West Bengal. A team under the command of DCP Anil Sharma has been transferred to the location. He is trying to escape. He was running and the residents also tried to help him when they threw stones at our crew. Even after he was injured, the crew managed to overpower Malik and arrest him.”

The police registered another case against Malik and his family for obstructing their work and hitting them with bricks.

During the interrogation, the police found that Malik was involved in more than six criminal cases and worked in the collection of the breach. On the day of the riots, he allegedly incited his comrades, threw glass bottles at people and threw stones at the police.

On 16 April, communal clashes erupted on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti in Jahangirpuri district of northwest Delhi. About nine people, including policemen, were injured in the shooting and stone-throwing. A 2,063-page indictment sheet was filed by the crime branch last month against So far 37 people have been arrested in the case.

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