Mama receives graduation degree while holding toddler in her arms. Watch | Trending

A video of Mama accepting her bachelor’s degree, holding her toddler in her arms, was posted on Instagram.

The video of a woman holding her toddler in her arms and graduating is a source of happiness for many on social media. The clip shows the proud mama going on stage and getting her degree with her adorable daughter.

The video is posted on the Instagram Page Good News Movement. He also shares a detailed caption with the video.

“Graduation with her baby: This woman received her journalism degree from her toddler Rutgers on Monday in her toddler’s hands. Cassie tells the Good News Movement, ‘Crossing the stage with her is something I imagined from running to classes with her in my stomach. Crossing over for me was very full circle and special! ‘ He plans to report all over the world with his daughter Luna, ”he added.

We don’t give a video what it shows, so watch it once:

The video was posted about 15 hours ago. Since sharing, the clip has amassed over 35,000 likes and the numbers are increasing. It has also collected various appreciation comments.

“Con-Grad-Ulations Mama! That cutie must be so proud! Hard work is hard work! “Posted Instagram users.” I love that her little baby had a gown too! “Shared another. Praised the third. “Thanks for sharing !!” A fourth commented. “Precious moment,” Fifth wrote.

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