Mallika Sherawat told Tesher to ‘get lost’ and not disturb her again after he called to get her onboard ‘Jalebi Baby’

the actor Malika Sherawat She admitted that she sent Tesher packages when he apparently invited her to be a part of the song “Jalebi Baby” inspired by the song “Jalebi Bai” from the movie Double Dhamaal. The original song featured Mallika.

In his appearance in Mashable India’s Bombay Journey series, the actor was asked about “Jalebi Baby”, which was a worldwide hit. The music video, which also featured Jason Derulo, has racked up over 235 million songs on YouTube, and is a huge hit. Teether for global recognition.

Even Mallika wasn’t immune to her cultural significance, and she remembered how people used to treat her when she was in the States, referring to her as “the Glee baby.” She said, “I didn’t even know where it came from. Then my manager told me this song was a hit.”

When asked if she really wasn’t aware of the song, she said, “No, I wasn’t aware of the song. They called me and asked if I could perform this song.” Mujhe laga kaun faltu hai. I told them not to call and bother me and get lost. Then the call was cut off. I didn’t even know who Tesher was. How do I know? I got a lot of spam calls and thought someone was making a joke on me.”

Mallika made her Bollywood debut with Khwahish in 2003. She has also appeared in films like Murder and Welcome, as well as international productions like The Myth and Hisss. She will then appear on RK/RKay, which will be shown in theaters on Friday.

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