Malik, Dawood’s sister & ’93 blast convict met several times over Kurla property: ED

In the indictment against NCP Minister Nawab Malik, the Implementation Directorate claimed that there were “several rounds of meetings” between Malik, his brother Aslam and Dawood’s sister Ibrahim Hasina Parkar, and in 1993 the series of bombings incriminating Sardar Khan on the Gwawala compound. In Korla, in connection with the money laundering case that was filed.

On Friday, a special court became aware of the prosecution’s complaint (indictment sheet) filed last month which listed Malik, Khan, Solidus Investments Pvt Ltd and Malik Infrastructure, companies associated with the minister, as defendants.

Special Judge R.N. Rokkady has issued proceedings against Malik and Khan, who are being held in Arthur Road Jail and Aurangabad prison respectively, stating that there are “sufficient grounds” to proceed with the case. “There is visible evidence that the accused was directly and knowingly involved in the money laundering offence,” the court said, adding that the property in question allegedly usurped by Malik in collusion with Parker are proceeds of crime under the Money Laundering Act. Money laundering law.

The indictment includes the statements of 17 witnesses, including Daoud Iqbal Kaskar’s brother, and Parkar’s son Alisha Parkar, who referred to transactions between his mother and Daoud until her death in 2014 and the sale of the property to Malik.

The Emergency Department had arrested Malik in February alleging that he entered into a land deal for the Gwawala complex with Parkar through her partner Salim Patel. The property was allegedly usurped from its original owners and sold to a company linked to the owner, an administrator alleges.

In its indictment, the agency alleged that Parker was a member of David’s gang, Company D, which was involved in the “unauthorized acquisition/acquisition of major terrorist fundraising assets,” including the Goawala complex. The emergency department alleges that Malik, in connivance with the gang members, “orchestrated a criminal plot” to usurp property.

During the investigation, the Emergency Department recorded Bayan Khan, who is serving a life sentence for the 1993 serial bombings, in December. The ED claims that Khan said in his statement that Patel was a close partner of Parkar and made every decision regarding Kurla’s property based on her instructions. She referred to Khan’s statement claiming that several rounds of meetings were held in relation to the property, in which an agreement was reached between Malik and Parkar, agreeing to pay Rs 55 lakh to her, Rs 15 lakh to Patel, and Rs. 5 lakh to khan. Both Patel and Parkar have since died.

The Emergency Management said it had included Khan’s statement in the indictment as part of the meetings. The Emergency Management alleges that the four “criminally conspired” to take unauthorized possession of property from owner Munira Sabak by misleading her and forging a power of attorney in favor of Patel. Malik allegedly took control of the property from Patel by making the above payments, without paying any money to a plumber, the CEO alleges.

The Department of Foreign Affairs also included details in the indictment alleging that Malik first occupied a rental property in the complex using his influence.

Khan claimed that Malik was trying to gain control of a rented property in the complex which is used as a temple, owned by Kanshwala. “In 1992, a flood happened in Korla and no one was able to approach the temple. Mr. Nawab Malik and his brother Aslam Malik took advantage of the situation and occupied this property illegally because Mr. Nawab Malik was the muscular man in the area, and Kanshwala could not do anything; in Subsequently, this lease was settled in the name of Mr. Aslam Malik,” the ED Fee newspaper claims.

Malik’s lawyers denied any wrongdoing, claiming that he himself was a victim because someone without a title deed had sold it to him. During pleadings in court, Malik’s lawyers also raised an issue regarding the ED’s reliance on Khan’s statement, who is himself a convict in one of the cases.

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