Maharashtra minister Subhash Desai: ‘Centre not consulting states on policies of national significance’

The Centre is not taking state governments into confidence or holding consultations with them while drafting policies of national significance, Maharashtra Industries Minister Subhash Desai has said. The “constant friction and political turf war” between the BJP and states ruled by opposition parties has had a detrimental effect on the federal structure of the country, he added.

“The government of India needs to take states into confidence while drafting new policies of national significance. It must hear the views of the states. That is what is lacking at this point of time. The dialogue that is needed between the two is not happening. If you take our views, we are not going to mislead you. We may, however, protect our state’s interest. This exchange of ideas that is needed is not taking place,” Desai said at an Express Townhall here.

Desai further said that despite Maharashtra’s importance as a leading industrial state in the country, he has, since the formation of the Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi (MVA) government in 2019, not got a chance to physically hold a one-on-one meeting with either the central industries minister or the finance minister.

He also said that the Centre was not taking into consideration the views of states while planning important infrastructure projects such as the bullet train. “While creating infrastructure which is important for the entire country, you need to connect with all stakeholders…,” Desai said.

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