Madras HC stays installation of former CM Karunanidhi statue in Tiruvannamalai

The Madras High Court on Thursday banned two people, one of whom is the DMK Minister, from making any arrangement for the installation of a statue of the former prime minister, at a later date. M Karunanidhi in a public place in Tiruvannamalai.

As the Tiruvannamalai collector did not file an affidavit after consulting with his subordinates and calling for more time to do so as per yesterday’s directive, the Madras High Court Holidays Court on Thursday issued the directive.

Bench of judges SM Subramaniam and J Sathya Narayana Prasad granted interim injunction when G Karthick’s PIL petition was filed for further hearing today.

The petition demanded the issuance of a directive to the relevant authorities to remove the encroachment on the village of Vengikkal in Tiruvannamalai district and surrounding areas. It alleged that Rajendran, who owned the 92-1/2 square foot plot, in connivance with the government authorities, secured the patta over the land he owned. In the encroached part, there have been attempts to bring up the construction, which may cause greater inconvenience to the public in general. Other respondents to the petition included the name of an educational fund and DMK Minister EV Velu.

However, the additional public defender contested the petition citing the lack of legality in the matter. He added that the petition could not be preserved because the petitioner had no place to file the petition.

Considering the allegations and counter-claims, the Court noted on May 18 that the petitioner had raised serious allegations of infringement, which would cause inconvenience to the public in general, and what is more, that the alleged infringement was a place used by lakhs. Of the people for the sacred “girivalam” in
Tiruvanamalay. Moreover, it was said that there is a possibility of heavy traffic jams, in case
This site was allowed to be built and other reasons were raised regarding water flow and flooding during the monsoon season. The court directed the collector to conduct an inspection, ascertain the facts and submit a report in the form of an affidavit as to whether there was any encroachment in that area and to submit by Thursday and directed to the status quo until then.

When the matter was brought up today, the collector stated that he would have to gather details from the local SP, DRO, Highway Department Engineer, RDO, Tahsildar and BDO, which would require more time. And then pray for more time.

In light of the facts and circumstances, the judges said they are inclined to issue a temporary injunction restricting the Jeeva Education Fund, by the administrative trustee EV Kumaran, the son of Minister EV Velu and Velu himself in any way. statue or put up any other construction on the property in question, pending the decision on the petition.

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