Lock Upp: Anjali Arora recalls first meeting with Munawar Faruqui’s girlfriend, reveals whether it was ‘awkward’

Social media influencer and actress Anjali Arora, who is best known for her appearance on the reality show Upp lockShe talked about her relationship with the co-contestant and the eventual winner Munwar FarooqiAnd whether she was surprised when he revealed that he had a girlfriend abroad. Anjali and Munawwar engaged in a romantic angle on the reality show.

She said in an interview with RJ Siddharth Kannan that Munawar’s decision was to hide his private life from her, and that she was not critical of him. When asked about her first meeting with Mnawar’s friend Nazila, whom she met at the show’s wrap party, Anjali said in Hindi “I knew she was his girlfriend, and he was going to take her there. So it wasn’t awkward. She’s so cute…There’s no triangle. They’re Very happy together, may God bless them both. I have a great friendship with Munwar.”

She said she had no idea how “cute” they were looking at viewers together. “When I scroll through the videos now, I can’t believe how cute everything looked. I used to pull cheeks and hit my friends comically, but it wasn’t romantic,” she said. Anjali was also asked why she and Munwar did not meet her at a wrap party, and Anjali said just because they didn’t snap together doesn’t mean they didn’t meet. “When he arrived, there was a big crowd. We met each other, but no picture was taken together. Neither of us had our phones,” she said.

Anjali also had an answer as to why she didn’t follow Mnawar on social media. She said she hopes to change this, “I haven’t had time to check my Instagram, but now I’m going to follow him, and he’s a very good friend of mine, and always will be.”

Mnawar had previously told Canaan that he might have led her on the show, but said they never crossed the line with each other. “When you’ve been tied together for a long time, you come to a level of comfort with the other person. But there was always a line we didn’t cross. And I kept a line too. It’s not a big deal, it’s just the view of the audience,” he said.

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