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Working from home with children who need your attention and time can be quite a challenge for parents. And same is the case of a little girl in this video, which was recently shared on Instagram and has been going viral ever since. She explains to her mother that she has one last call to attend to every day before she takes her adorable little daughter cycling. The mother-daughter duo has come up with a wonderful idea to make this skit and have some fun. Many people on the internet found this video completely relatable, and chances are you will too.

“When mom works and I insist on cycling,” reads the caption accompanying the video, which has now gone viral for sweet reasons. The video was shared on an Instagram page dedicated to the little girl seen in the video. Her name is Ruhani Marwaha and she has more than 700 followers on this page where photos and videos of her daily antics are shared. There is a good chance that this video will definitely make you appreciate her acting talent.

Watch the video right here:

After being uploaded on Instagram on July 8, the video has garnered over 1.42 lakh likes.

On Instagram, one person wrote, “She’s like my niece. The way she looks and talks about everything. Lots of love, cutie.” “I have this same conversation with my son every day,” adds another user. A third response echoes “so cute.”

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