LinkedIn Post Giving Advice To ‘Salaried Class People’ Has Left Netizens Fuming

LinkedIn has no shortage of posts meant to educate and guide people as they go on their career paths. Posts like these accumulate legions of people who are influenced and inspired by the knowledge they grow in. Life exercises and motivational posts can sometimes get under hot water if readers start to see them through the praxis scene. This was the case with the publication which was intended for “paid working class members”.

The LinkedIn post contained tips on different aspects of the paying profession and how to get the most out of it. But since it was shared, the post has crossed the platforms and reached a forum that is too harsh for anything not in line with public opinion – Twitter. The reason it came under fire and became the subject of an autopsy for netizens is the first piece of advice the post mentioned. It reads, “Do not spend more than 50 percent of your salary per month.” Well, as soon as users read it, they immediately find the discrepancy in the statement.

One user, sharing a screenshot of the post, wrote, “People who don’t have to pay rent or support their parents offer a different level of ka gyaan on LinkedIn.”

Another user took the opportunity to talk about the “life coach” he came across and highlight the “gyaan” he got that day. Focus on the irony of how the life coach has been talking about work-life balance and hasn’t worked a single day in her life.

Dubbed “nonsensical gyaan,” this user took the example of beginners who start with a salary of no more than 30,000 or those who have a tax rate of 30 percent.

One user wrote, “How do I tell her that 50 percent of our salary only goes to rent and the groceries/food itself.

The post, after advising a 50 percent salary saving, continued that the 50 percent saved should be invested in “at least three different places.” Other tips included having family health insurance, not being dependent on parental money, and a second source of income.

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