Like Justin Bieber, Aishwarya Sakhuja was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

Shortly after singer Justin Bieber revealed that he was suffering from Ramsey Hunt Syndrome, television actress Aishwarya Sakhuja has opened up about her battle with a partially facial paralysis virus. She was diagnosed with the same in 2014 when she shot back-to-back episodes for her TV show, My Na Na Geolunga. She initially said it felt like a sign of perseverance. Also Read: Justin Bieber shares an update on Ramsey Hunt Syndrome recovery: ‘This storm is going through’

Aishwarya has revealed that I am running a jam-packed schedule that is unable to take off for treatment and continues to shoot half the face unseen on screen.

Ankita told the Times of India in an interview, “We were shooting back-to-back because the wedding sequence was coming up. I had a 2 o’clock the next day, and I vividly remember asking Rohit (her then-boyfriend and now husband) why I was blinking at him the previous night. I thought this was one of their silly jokes and didn’t respond. The next morning, when I went to brush, I had difficulty holding water in my mouth while washing. At the time, I thought it was worth the effort.

Her then roommate, actress Pooja Sharma, noticed “something is off” and asked her if she thought it was okay for her face to “not look normal”. Aishwarya finally visited the doctor, who confirmed that she was dealing with Ramsey Hunt syndrome.

Despite her condition, the actor said she was unable to take some time off because of work schedules and shooting. “The cast and crew were very supportive, and they tried to shoot in a way that didn’t make half of my face visible,” he said. However, he acknowledged that the recovery period is tough because steroids are extremely heavy and emotional turbulence is still heavy because as an actor, my face is everything. “

Justin recently canceled taking time off to make his upcoming concerts better. He shared a video to show how his face was affected by the syndrome and asked his fans to pray for him.

Aishwarya was last seen playing the role of Ekta in the 2019 film Uzda Chaman. He has previously appeared on TV shows such as Sas Bina Sasural, Yeh Hai Aashiki and Trideviyan, the most recent being Yeh Hai Chahatane.

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