Lewis Hamilton Smiling as Mercedes Recover Their Form

Lewis Hamilton wore a wide smile on Friday after he and Mercedes teammate George Russell finished second and third behind Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc in practice at the Spanish Grand Prix.

The seven-time champion, who was third fastest, immediately thanked everyone working at Mercedes’ British plants for their constant commitment to improving their volatile car and reviving the challenge this year.

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“Positive – very happy with the progress,” he replied when asked how he felt. “A big, big, big thank you to everyone in the factory for not giving up, for continuing to push.

“We’re not the fastest, but we’re on our way. It’s the first time I’ve driven a straight road without rebounding. We still had some rebound, but it’s a lot better, so we started to tap a little bit of the potential in our car.

“It’s still tough in the car, but it’s a lot nicer than it used to be, so we’re really grateful for these upgrades.

“Now, it’s just about trying to set them up, in the next session, to try to put the car in place. I think we can improve it tomorrow so hopefully we’ll be on the heels of the advanced players.”

Mercedes brought a slew of upgrades to the Catalunya circuit for the W13, many of which were aimed at reducing ‘porpoises’ on straights and improving their straight-line speeds.

Without a win this year, Hamilton had already written off his eighth title hopes while Russell, despite finishing in the top five in all five races, struggled to claim just one finish on the podium.

Russell was more circumspect in his reaction to the second-place finish with an improved performance.

“I don’t know, to be honest, because in Miami we were the fastest on Friday and obviously here we are second,” he said, referring to the disappointment of our drop to 12th on Saturday in the Miami qualifiers.

“Let’s see. The car definitely reacts differently. We have different restrictions this time around.

“We definitely don’t have the porpoise in a row, which is fine, but we still test it a little bit here and there in the corners that eventually need to call in.

“I think Red Bull still looks very, very strong, they’re looking to the team to reckon with at the moment and we need to look at the data. Let’s see.”

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