‘Last time I was excited to see an Indian player was Sachin. Now it’s him’: Gavaskar’s big praise for youngster Umran Malik | Cricket

Team India is the favorite in the five-match series against South Africa, with the hosts promoting their ongoing winning streak and scripting a new world record. But the team led by Rishabh Pant lost two T20Is on the trot, while both defended, standing on the brink of giving up the series. India have only one day gap to recover and aim for a comeback, so will they make any changes for the third T20I?

India lost the series opener by seven wickets after failing to secure 211 in New Delhi early last week before losing by four wickets in the second match at Cuttack on Sunday.

Asked about the possibility of speeding Umran Malik in the third T20I, former India captain Sunil Gavaskar praised the 22-year-old star and said he was excited after seeing the Indians for the last time. Sachin Tendulkar is the player to watch.

“The last time I was really excited to see an Indian player was Sachin Tendulkar. And after that, I’m really excited to see Umran Malik. It depends on what kind of surface you get, ”he told Star Sports.

Bowling is a major problem for India. While Bhuvneshwar Kumar was inspired by his brilliant performance, others lack the wicket-taking ability, Gavaskar said.

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“The main problem is that there are no wicket-takers in this squad, other than Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Yuvuvendra Chahal. So, you take wickets and then you put your opponents under pressure. So, in both matches, does anyone other than Bhuvneshwar Kumar seem to get wickets? He was getting the ball moving. This is something that they cannot protect a total of 211 runs, ”he told Star Sports after the match.

India can make 1-2 changes for the final tie, with fans expecting their international debut between Umran Malik and Arshdeep Singh in the third T20I at Visakhapatnam.

“I think at some point in the series they should be in the conversation,” said Graeme Smith, a former South African captain who was part of the same debate.

“If you can’t answer, why bumrah rest? Arshdeep and Umran, you would like to see them play at some point in the series. You want to pick your squad for the World Cup in October so I think they need a chance. He needs a wicket taker and Umran Malik is a wicket taker … we know that. Arshadeep is also blessed with death. India needs to know what their potential is.

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