Know the Impact of Lunar Eclipse on Your Zodiac Sign

CHANDRA GRAHAN 2022: In May, the world will witness the first lunar eclipse of the year. On May 16, the day of the full moon, the moon will come under the shadow of the sun and will appear blood red. According to Hindu Calendar, the lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan will fall on the Purnima Tithi of the Vaishaka month. However, the first lunar eclipse of the year will not be visible in India. Therefore, no sutak Kaal will prevail on this day. While India won’t be affected by the Lunar eclipse, it’ll create some impact on the lives of all zodiac signs.

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The day will be fruitful for the Aries people. They’ll witness financial growth and it is the best time to start a new venture. On the personal front too, the love life will see a bloom.


Taurus will have to stay away from negativity as the day is expected to bring confusion. Try to focus on positive things and stay away from arguments.


Gemini is expected to get the fruit of their hard work. They can expect rewards. However, these people are advised to keep their anger in control in order to achieve something big.


The health of children might deteriorate on the day. Try to keep an eye on the children’s diet.


Marriage life will see showers of love and professional life will bring success. Leo should stay away from disputes in order to get the right results.


The competitors might try to pull you down and you have to face downfall in your career. However, the right time will arrive soon.


Libra people are advised to be cautious with their work as over-enthusiasm can kill productivity. Your way of talking might affect your family relations.


Try to stay away from any argument with your partner as it can lead to a bigger crisis. Try to focus on the brighter side of the picture and take decisions after a lot of introspection.


Sagittarius sign does not indulge in any wrongdoings as it might affect your other works. You might see a boost in the financial front.


The day is going to be a difficult one for Capricorns. Health might deteriorate due to financial tension.


The people of the Aquarius zodiac sign should focus on their work and must take note of their health.


Pisces should indulge in public service on this day. It’ll bring good luck and boost their career.

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