Kichcha Sudeep on PM Modi’s statement on national language debate: ‘Everybody’s mother tongue has been respected’

Actor Kichcha Sudeep commented on Discuss the national language He welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement in this regard. Sudeep emphasized that he did not mean to “start any riots or any kind of discussion” when commenting on Hindi as the national language or responding to actor Ajay Devgn’s tweets, saying, “It happened without an agenda. It was an opinion I expressed. It’s an honor. And a privilege to see some lines sticking out of the prime minister’s mouth. Whoever looks at his language with respect and deference, it is overwhelming to see him speak this way.”

He added, “I’m not just representing Kannada, I’m talking about… Everyone’s mother tongue has been respected today with those few statements from the Prime Minister and that’s where I’ve come from since that day. We don’t view Narendra Modi as just a politician, We’re looking at him as a leader, too.”

The debate started after the success of films such as RRR, KGF 2, and Pushpa The Rise. Speaking at a recent event when speaking about the success of KGF 2, Sudeep said, “I have said that a movie about India was made in Kannada. I would like to make a small correction. Hindi is no longer a national language. They (Bollywood) are making All India films today. They are struggling ( to achieve success) by dubbing Telugu and Tamil, but that is not happening. Today, we are making films that are going everywhere.”

Later, Ajay Devgn addressed Sudeep on Twitter, asking him if Hindi is not the national language, why his films are dubbed in this language. He ended his tweet with a statement saying: “Hindi was and will remain our national language.” The tweet led to a long Twitter exchange between Ajay and Sudeep. But while things calmed down between the two, the controversy continued.

On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the ongoing debate and commented that linguistic diversity is a source of pride for the country. “The prioritization of local languages ​​in the national education policy shows our commitment to all regional languages. The BJP has considered Indian languages ​​the soul of the BJP and a link to a better future for the country,” he said while addressing virtually the party members on the opening day of the two-day BJP National Meeting in Jaipur. .

I want to mention this especially because attempts have been made in the recent past to create new differences on the basis of language. We have to constantly alert the people of the country about this.” He said that the BJP sees a reflection of Indian culture in every Indian language.

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