Khushbu clarifies Meena’s husband didn’t die due to Covid: Need to be cautious

Tamil actress Meena’s husband Vidyasagar died on Monday. Family friend, actress Khushboo Sundar has since tweeted to people about the cause of her death.

Actress Khushb Sunder, who was grieved over the death of her friend and co-star Meena’s husband Vidyasagar on Tuesday, has made it clear that Kovid-19 has not died. However, Sagar had tested positive for the virus three months ago and it has worsened his lungs, he said. He appealed not to send a false message to the media about his death. Also Read: Tamil actress Meena’s husband Vidyasagar passed away: Sharath Kumar, Venkatesh

Vidyasagar died in a private hospital in Chennai on Monday night. According to the report, he was suffering from severe lung infection and had been receiving the same treatment for the past few months.

Khushboo, who lost her close friend’s husband, tweeted: “I am alarmed by the terrible news. Knowing that actress Meena’s husband Sagar is not with us is heartbreaking. He had been suffering from lung disease for a long time. The heart goes out to Meena and her little daughter. Life is brutal. At the loss of words to express grief. Deepest condolences to the family, ”he posted.

In another tweet, Sagar made it clear that Kovid was not dead. “I humbly request the media to be a little more responsible. Meena’s husband had Kovid 3 months ago. Covid’s worsened lung condition. Please do not send the wrong message and create any kind of fear or blow by saying that we have lost Sagar from Kovid. Yes we have to be careful, but please, ”he said.

Khushbu Sundar tweeted.
Khushbu Sundar tweeted.

Vidyasagar is a Bangalore based businessman. In 2009, he married Meena and they have a daughter named Nainika.

Meena, who began her career as a child artist, became one of the most sought-after actors in the 90s and early 2000s. During his most successful career, he worked with all the major stars of South Indian cinema. He recently appeared in the highly successful Scandam franchise in Malayalam.

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