Khelo India Youth Games: Punjab boys win hockey title, celebrate with Sidhu Moosewala songs

Punjab Hockey Team defeated Punjab Uttar Pradesh (UP) 3-1 to win the boys hockey title at the Khloe India Youth Games in Panchkula.

Rajinder Singh scored a goal and Bharat Thakur added two more for Punjab, while Chardan and Tiwari scored a goal for Uttar Pradesh.

After their victory, the Punjab boys asked the DJ to play Sidhu Moosewala songs during the ceremony. The DJ and The Last Ride have been played as well as Bapu of the late singer and politician.

“Most of these boys come from a rural background and are huge fans of Sidhu Moosewala. Most of the time, they listen to his songs after our practice sessions and that motivates them a lot. They were a bit sad after the news of his passing but then they were playing his songs on the team bus and practicing here. “They told me they would celebrate winning with his songs,” Punjab coach Yudvir Singh said.

Musiwala, who ran in Punjab’s recent lower house elections on a congressional ticket, was shot dead by unknown assailants in Mansa district of Punjab on May 29, a day after the state government scaled back his security cover. More than 30 empty bullets were found near his SUV in which he was killed.

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