Kerala Vishu Bumper BR-85 Lottery Result LIVE on Sunday, May 22; First Prize Rs 10 Crore

KERALA VISHU BUMPER BR-85 LOTTERY RESULT 2022 LIVE Updates: The Kerala Lottery Department will conduct the lucky draw for the annual Vishu Bumper BR-85 Lottery on Sunday 22nd May at 2pm. The lottery will take place at Gorki Bhavan, near Bakery Junction, in the state capital, Thiruvananthapuram. The lottery will be conducted under the supervision of independent judges.

The first prize winner will get Rs 10 crore, while the second prize winner will get Rs 50 crore. The winners of the third prizes will get 5,000 rupees. The draw will take place in 6 Series VB, IB, SB, HB, UB and KB. The prize for a single ticket is 250 rupees. Kerala Vishu Bumper 2022 is the 85th lottery draw of Kerala State Lottery. Bumper monsoons will follow.

The sale of tickets for the Big Luck Vishu raffle has been inaugurated by the Minister of State in Thiruvananthapuram. Tickets can be purchased at any authorized dealer.

Kerala Lottery Vishu Bumper-2022 BR-85: Prize Structure

  • First Prize: Rs. 10,00,00,000 (10 crores)
  • Second Prize: Rs. 50,00,000 (50 lakhs)
  • Third Prize: Rs. 5,00,000 (5 lakhs)
  • Consolation Prize: Rs. 1,00,000 (1 lakh)
  • Fourth Prize: 1,00,000 (1 lakh)
  • Fifth Prize: 5000 rupees
  • Sixth Prize: 2000 rupees
  • Seventh Prize: 1000 rupees
  • Eighth Prize: 500 rupees

How to check the VISHU BUMPER-2022 BR-85 lottery results?

Check live updates of the Vishu Bumper-2022 BR-85 here from 3pm on May 22, when it will be announced by the Kerala State Lottery Department. The participants of the Vishu Bumper-2022 BR-85 lottery can also check the result by clicking on the official website of the Kerala Lottery Department:

You need to do Control F and search for the last four numbers of the ticket.

Apart from the location, these results are also published in the Official Journal of Kerala Government. Interested candidates can participate in the lottery by purchasing tickets priced at Rs 40 from any of the Taluk lottery offices in the state. Notably, Kerala has three lottery offices in Bunalore (Kolam district), Katapana (Idukki district) and Thamarasiri (Kozhikod district).

Here’s how to claim the prize money

The lucky draw winners of Vishu Bumper-2022 BR-85 must confirm their winning tickets through Kerala Lottery results published in the Official Journal of Kerala.

If they find their ticket number in the published Gazette, they must report to the Kerala Lottery Office in Thiruvananthapuram with their tickets and proof of identity to claim the prize within 30 days.

Within 30 days of the results being announced, the verification process must be completed.

Those who won amount less than 10,000 rupees can claim their prize money from any lottery shop in Kerala.

Those who have won an amount over Rs 10,000 will have to submit their tickets in front of the bank or government lottery office with proof of their identity to claim.

Step by step guide to download PDF

Step 1: Visit the official Kerala Lottery website eg

Step 2: The home page will appear on the screen.

Step 3: Click on “Lottery Coming”

The fourth step: Click on the link to get Vishu Bumper lottery result

Fifth step: The PDF file will appear on the screen. download it.

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