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Dating apps have become so popular nowadays. If they are meant to help people find dates, partners or soul mates, there are some people who find other quirky ways to use them. In the case, this guy from Kerala created a profile on the dating app Bumble to help you find a flat for rent in Mumbai. Screenshots of this account were posted on Twitter and have since been defeated by netizens.

Screenshots of the profile of a Twitter user sharing the profile of the man, who is from Kerala and wrote on his dating profile, “is not sapiosexual. I’m looking for a flat in Mumbai ”. Users can swipe to the right, “Help me find a place to rent on the west line if you’re in Mumbai and I don’t know Hindi,” the person wrote. To a question in AAP, the person who writes “the quickest way to my heart …” wrote “to send me leads of non-brokerage assets in Andheri.” He mentioned that if you ask brokers they will not judge you.

Twitter user Ana D’Amras shared a funny profile on June 15 and it has received more than 2,800 likes and 146 retweets so far.

“No, you’re looking for a soul mate in Bumble, they’re looking for a place to rent in Bombay,” he wrote in a tweet.

See the post below:

There have been a lot of funny responses to the tweet.

“Twitter is hilarious if you follow the right group,” commented one person. “It’s hard to find places to rent in Andheri,” wrote another with weepy face emoji. “A person has his priorities straight,” the third said. Another person commented, “I have been living in Bombay for 1.5 years. I respect this 100%.”

What are your thoughts on the method of using this person’s dating app?

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