Kerala healer killer and mastermind behind twin murders in UAE, reveals SIT

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) investigating the brutal murder of Mysore-based traditional healer Shaba Sharif has revealed the criminal mastermind behind the twin murder case reported from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The prime accused, Shaibin Ashraf, had reportedly conspired to kill his former business partner TP Harris and his manager Dancy Antony.

Harris’ mother had appealed to Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan and top police officials to investigate her son’s death in Abu Dhabi in March 2020.

Harris and his manager Dancy were found dead in the former flat and UAE police concluded it was a “suicide contract”.

Harris was found dead with slashed wrists, while Dency died of asphyxiation. Police believe Harris killed Dancy before killing himself.

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In her petition, the mother insisted that her son would not take such a drastic step. She suspected foul play and thought Ashraf might be involved. She alleged that a financial dispute with Ashraf could have led to her son’s death.

According to SIT officials, a 45-page blue print was reportedly seized, which contained a plan on how to eliminate the two men.

According to the SIT report, Ashraf recruited a gang of eight criminals who were sent to the UAE on a visit visa in 2020 and arranged a flat for them in the same apartment where Harris was staying.

The SIT found that the four people who were allegedly involved in the killing of Hawadiga were also involved in the twin murders.

After interrogating the accused, the mystery of the murder was solved.

He told the SIT that he soon befriended Harris and trapped him in his flat and called his manager.

Before Harris was killed, the defendant said, Dency was forcefully suffocated to leave his fingerprints on her body. After torturing him, his wrists were slit and he was left for dead, while Densi was later suffocated with her shawl.

The gang members were forced to stay in the UAE for an extra two months due to the Covid pandemic and during this time they made the deaths look like a suicide pact.

During this time, Ashraf was monitoring everything from his house in Kerala’s Wayanad, the SIT said.

Police have now sought legal opinion on the fresh case as the alleged crime took place abroad. He plans to contact the Abu Dhabi police to get details of the case.

On April 28, three members of the gang who quarreled with Ashraf – Shihabuddin, M Nausad and Zakir – came to the state capital from Wayanad and attempted suicide in front of the state ministry, alleging that they were being hounded by Ashraf.

Later, the police overpowered them. He informed the police about the doctor’s murder and handed over a pen drive to torture the doctor.

They have admitted that they are also accomplices in many such crimes.

Police have cracked the mystery behind the death of doctor Shaba Sharif. He was abducted from Mysore in August 2019, held hostage at Ashraf’s mansion in Nilambur and tortured for more than a year to treat piles and hemorrhoids. Ashraf was planning to open a Piles and Hemorrhoid Hospital in Wayanad after uncovering the “family secrets of his treatment”.

The SIT later found that during one of the torture sessions, Shaba Sharif died and the gang members cut his body into several pieces and dumped it in Chaliyar river in Malappuram district in October 2020.

Among the nine robbers involved in the case, the SIT has arrested six including the main accused Ashraf. The SIT said four more people involved in the twin murders are absconding, two of whom are suspected to be in the Middle East.

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