Kerala cops arrest P C George for allegedly sexually harassing solar scandal accused

In an unexpected move, Kerala Police Saturday arrested prominent politician BC George on charges of sexually molesting a woman also accused in the infamous. 2013 solar energy scandal.

George’s name was never mentioned in the sex scandal linked to the Sun scam. In fact, George was facing a different case after former Minister K.

On Saturday, the police summoned George for questioning in the case that Jalil brought against him. It was not immediately known when the woman filed a sexual harassment complaint against George, but police made her a witness in the conspiracy case. She had given a statement before a court under Article 164 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

While being questioned by the police, George was heavily informed by the security authorities of the alleged sexual harassment complaint. Later, the city police arrested George under Sections 354 and 354a of the IPC.

George told the media that he was arrested as part of a plot by Prime Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. “He (Vijayan) holds a grudge against me because I did not make any statement against former Prime Minister Umin Chandy in the solar energy scandal.”

Sean George, George’s son, who is also a member of Kottayam’s Panchayat district, said the allegations against his father were baseless. The government wanted to distract attention from the recent allegations regarding the gold smuggling scandal. The government also wants to divert media attention from the attack on the headquarters of the Chinese Communist Party (M) in the state. “We will fight it legally,” he said.

The woman had earlier alleged that several Congress leaders, including Chandni, AICC General Secretary KC Venugopal, Hebe Eden, Kerala Congress Leader (M) Jose K Mani and a few others sexually assaulted her. After the police did not initiate the complaint, the woman transmitted a new petition to Pinarayi Vijayan seeking a CBI investigation into the allegation. It then dropped the name Jose K Mani, who then moved to LDF. On the recommendations of the Kerala government, the CBI took over the investigation. However, none of them were arrested.

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