Karnataka opens mental health helpline for SSLC students to cope with stress | Bengaluru

For the first time in the history of Karnataka, the state has opened a Mental Health Tele-Helpline for students in distress while waiting for their Secondary School Leave Certificate (SSLC) for Class 10 results on Wednesday.

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For the first time in the history of Karnataka, the state has opened a Mental Health Tele-Helpline for students in distress while waiting for their Secondary School Leave Certificate (SSLC) for Class 10 results on Wednesday.

“Success and failure are a part of life and as they are two faces of the same coin, SSLC students expecting results should not lose hope,” Karnataka Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar said today.

Minister Sudhakar said that the students should not be disappointed whether the expected result is coming or not, the results are not final. The result of one’s academic life. Success and failure are a part of life. ”

Dr. Sudhakar advised officials to open a tele helpline for mental health assistance.

Students who are low, distressed, anxious, depressed or fearful are encouraged to call the helpline listed on the government’s official website. Minister Sudhakar wishes all students who have appeared for the SSLC examination.

This year’s SSLC exams have seen the record absenteeism in Karnataka after the mass bunker went into a mass bunker and the question paper did not have multiple choice questions (MCQ) like last year for fear of failure. It is speculated that the hijab ban may have contributed to the list of absentees.

Quoting the Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board (KSEEB) officials, the students went into mass bunk this year as the state government did not issue a “pass per student” rule last year. It is said that many registered students lost their nerves at the last minute and skipped their exams after learning that the state government would not extend the same discount this year.

KSEEB data shows that at least 15,487 students are enrolled for the 2022 SSLC exams.

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