Karnataka forest department’s website now has section for animal post-mortem reports

The Karnataka Forest Department has now set up a separate section on its website to publish post-mortem reports for animals. Currently, under the “Elephant Death Profile” section, seven postmortem reports on elephants since February 2021 can be accessed by the public on the Department of Forestry’s website.

Based on a letter written by Jeridar Kulkarni, an advocate for wildlife protection to the state forest department, the chief forestry officer, Vijaykumar Gogi, issued a January 13 directive to the department’s Information Communication Technology (ITC) wing to provide details of wildlife and general deaths within 24 hours. confirmed by the authorities.

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Referring to the recommendation of the Elephant Task Force set up by the Karnataka High Court, the directive reads: “In cases of elephant mortality, we recommend, as the National Tiger Protection Authority (NTCA) is now doing, all post-mortem examinations with external monitors, and the KFD establish a department Separately on his website to record and view post-mortem reports.”

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In response to this development, Kulkarni said: “I would like to thank both the Wildlife and ICT Wings of the Karnataka Forest Department for considering my proposal in favor of wildlife. As a first step, this is a positive development as this has been pending since 2013. This initiative will achieve The transparency will also help the Forestry Department win public support for wildlife conservation. I hope that details of the wildlife mortality rate will also be uploaded along with post-mortem reports, not only on elephants but also other major species soon.”

The department had issued a similar order in September 2013 to field officers, and it has not yet been implemented. Wild animals such as tigers, leopards, elephants and other animals are largely targeted by regulated poachers and are also linked to illegal international markets. You are hereby notified that post-mortem reports of the wildlife species targeted for the wildlife trade must be placed on the website within 24 hours of the autopsy being performed along with the post-mortem report, close-ups and long shots of the species targeted on the website aranya.gov .in with this office alert,” the 2013 order stated.

Gogi had earlier told The Indian Express that although the autopsy was involved in the autopsy, it was not performed by them. “Veterinarians who have experience with wildlife perform an autopsy. There is a set of procedures for examining a dead body set by the central government and we follow them,” he said.

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