Karan Johar roasts Farah Khan in new video: ‘She looks slimmer and the earth is flat’

Choreographer and Director Farah Khan She took to her Instagram account and posted a funny video featuring Karan Johar and fashion designer Manish Malhotra. In the video, the three are seen drinking each other while Farah reposted the video to her Instagram Stories and wrote, “Some serious shading.”

Farah wrote in a comment on the video:The reel you didn’t know you needed, my obsession @Karanjohar n guest appearance by @manishmalhotra05. ” In response to this post, Shibani Dandekar commented, “I need Karan’s tracksuit!!” Farah replied: shibanidandekarakhtar as well as the Navy.. for making sails.

In the opening shot, Karan faces the wall and Farah says, “Who is this? Is that…” And when Karan turned around smiling, she added, “Oh my God, it’s Karan Johar?” Then I asked him what he was wearing, and he replied, “I’m in an oversized Balenciaga silhouette. Let me tell you something about this sign commercial”. Farah replied impatiently: “Well, we don’t want to hear.” Then she pointed the camera at Manish, who said, “Well, I guess he can wear the most expensive clothes and keep talking about his clothes, but I look better.” Farah replied: You look better because you are so handsome.

Once again, she pointed the camera at Karan and said, “You are also handsome, Karan.” The director then gave a hilarious response, “Manish is handsome, I admit it but look who we’re looking at. Glamorous icon Farah Khan is at home. She looks slimmer and the floor is flat.” While Manish said “Oh” at Kraan’s comment, Joy He laughed and said, “Okay. Bye.”

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