Kangana Ranaut Packs A Punch With Her Fearless Performance As Agent Agni

Kangana Ranaut in Dhaakad delivers exactly what it promised: a high-octane, decibel thriller. The movie doesn’t make you wait: it’s driven by a story that begins well but becomes a bit preposterous along the way. However, it works, almost in spite of itself, especially as a star car for Ranaut who looks amazing and kicks all sorts of ass. The actor plays a gender-bender, and here we might pause a bit to consider this sexist world where action-oriented film is restricted to male actors only.

Special Agent Agni (played by Ranaut) is a brave field officer in the International Task Force, a fictional unit of the Indian government. She is tasked with finding information and, eventually, eliminating Rudraveer (Arjun Rampal), an international human dealer, and a member of the coal mafia with his muse Rohini (Divya Dutta). Things turn personal when Agni discovers a fact that she has a connection to Prodver.

Beginning director Razneesh Razy Ghai, who co-wrote the story, tries hard to break the chaos, and somehow, the movie impresses and falters in parts. With seat edge moments, don’t delve into unnecessary subplots or song-and-dance sequences. But the poor script and a bit of a confusing narrative let the movie down.

A special reference to Japanese cinematographer Tetsuo Nagata for creating a perfect world of blood and blood, the shiny gradations of grey, red and blue.

With a running time of only two hours and ten minutes, the movie starts to feel a bit long, especially in the third act where things seem a bit repetitive. It’s practical, clever, disruptive, and turbulent with such strength and attack that you’re not bothered in the least at how far-fetched it is. Some parts of the work look a bit unrealistic and in some places, even simplistic). The director somewhere failed to let the audience think too much. They just have to sit back, and go with the tide, flabby and gorgeous in small parts, and enjoy Branaut as he glistens on the screen.

Which you do, with such ferocity and shrewdness that you can hardly take your eyes off it, especially when you are in full swing. She totally threw herself into the role, while we never lose sight of the fact that we’re watching Kangana Ranaut. I can’t think of any actor more deserving of a privilege than her.

Her powerful performances combined with high-impact stunts establish her as the formidable female action star. Along with her, Rampal seems to be rocking, bringing some crazy energy and amazing booty to his character and even stealing some scenes away from Ranaut. Dutta, as Rampal’s business partner, is delivering a solid performance. It looks like Saswata Chatterjee and Sherib Hashmi lack the punch.

Watch it until Ranaut is at her best and doesn’t care too much about the unreal world it takes you into.

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