J&K: Mehbooba Mufti urges youth to shun militancy

Former Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir and People’s Democratic Party Chairman Mehbooba urged the Mufti of youth on Saturday to renounce violence lest they become “fuel” for anti-militant security forces’ operations in Jammu and Kashmir.

“There are reports of killings every day, and this indicates that there is an increase in the local recruitment of militants. I would like to appeal to these young people and their parents to save their lives,” Al-Mufti said. Claiming that the killing of militants is a “catalyst” for the security forces, she said, “They are getting On rewards for killing these youths and with the turbulent times facing Kashmir, we will need our youth in the future. Do not pick up weapons. Hey cam thick nahin hi ur esco apco slaying Dina Shahi (this is not true and you should avoid this). “

Speaking about the ongoing strike by Kashmir Pandit employees working in the valley under the Prime Minister’s package, the Mufti said, “Kashmir Pandits are a source of strength for our society… We should take care of them. When something happens, the BJP uses it to tarnish our reputation. That the Yatra (Amarnath) is threatened, when we used to receive pilgrims every year as our guests. The way security is being enhanced, as if this is being done for the first time.”

She emphasized that while the central government “is taking away our lands, our jobs and our resources, don’t let them take our courage.”

“The way the parties in the People’s Alliance for the Declaration of Jopkar (PAGD) united despite the differences, the people of Jammu and Kashmir must stay together,” she said, adding, “They (the government) want us to feel hopeless and helpless. If we lose hope and accept Everything, then, God forbid, our situation will become worse than the situation of the people in the Gaza Strip.”

Regarding the J&K police move to annex properties used by militants for shelter, the Mufti said while in other parts of the country, “Bulldozers were used to suppress … in Kashmir, they are setting that precedence.” Police have seized at least five properties in Srinagar over allegations of harboring militants.

The former prime minister also said that with all institutions “under duress”, the people are the last resort to fight democratically, constitutionally and politically for the restoration of J&K identity.

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