JEE Main 2022 Admit Card: 5 things to check after downloading it

JEE Main 2022 Session 1 Access Card: The National Examination Agency (NTA) Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) will hold the first term of the main 2022 from June 20 to 29, 2022. With less than a week left for testing, the NTA is required to issue admission cards. Students can expect JEE Main 2022 Session 1 admission cards at soon.

The JEE Main Admission Letter is an important document required by the candidates to appear in the examination. After the test, access cards and information entered therein may be required at various stages, including results and counseling. Students are advised to save a hard or offline copy of the access card for future events.

After downloading the JEE main access cards, candidates should carefully read the instructions on the JEE. Here are 5 things they should look out for:

1. Roll Number, Personal Details: In addition to other details, students know their roll numbers on JEE main access cards. They need to use it during the test and to check the results. In addition to checking roll numbers, they must properly verify and confirm personal details such as name, address, parental names and registration numbers. If there is any error, contact the NTA and report it immediately.

2. Test Center Information: Candidates will enter the name and address of the Examination Center where they will go for the exam in the JEE Main Admission Card. If possible, they should visit the location before the exam day and find the exact location to avoid any problem on the day of the test. They must make sure they arrive at the location on the day of the test, according to the reporting time listed on the admission cards. Access will not be given after the time allotted to close the gates.

3. COVID Guidelines: The JEE Main Examination may be conducted in 2022 following the COVID-19 guidelines set out last year, and the admission card may include guidelines for social distance, masks, hygiene procedures to be carried out at testing centers. Candidates must follow these guidelines for the exam on the day.

4. Exam Day Instructions: In addition to the COVID-19 guidelines, JEE main access cards also contain test day instructions such as reporting time, drop box usage, frisking and biometric verification. Candidates should read these details in advance.

5. Self Declaration Form: JEE main access cards may have a self-declaration form that asks students to record their latest travel and health history. They will have to fill in all the details mentioned in it, except the candidate’s signature column. They must sign the test site, in front of the invigilators.

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