Jasmin Bhasin, Aly Goni share videos hinting at their upcoming wedding: ‘Wait till we announce the date’

TV favorite couple, Johnny Ali and Jasmine Bhasin, may be getting married soon. The two actors shared videos on their social media accounts where they tell their fans that they told their parents, that they are happy, hinting at their wedding. Ali and Yasmin They started dating each other at Bigg Boss house 14. They have been best friends since they appeared together on the reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi 9.

In the video that Ali shared, he heard him say, “Finally, Pat Bakki Ho Gai Hey Hey (Deal is done), Jasmine and I have informed our parents, and we are very happy. Invitation cards will only be printed now but we thought we would inform everyone digitally. So yeah.”

Jasmine also shared a video on her Instagram account. She said in the video, “You all must have seen Ali’s story. You know Ali and I’m ready for the move. We’re super excited, and you guys must be too. So now wait for us to announce the dates.”

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Later, Jasmine also shared her photos from the Maldives. She also dedicated an Instagram post to Ali that read, “When I’m with you, every day feels like an occasion.”

Given how celebrities often do such tricks before releasing their music videos, it can’t be said if the couple will marry soon or if it’s just another way to get their fans’ attention.

Ali and Jasmine showed their love for each other in Bab Al-Hara 14 House Where they stood next to each other through thick and thin. Even after leaving the house, they were often seen together. They weren’t even shy about expressing love for each other on social media.

During a previous interview, Indianexpress.com asked Jasmine when she realized that she was in love with Ali. She replied, “It’s not like a beautiful day when we woke up thinking we were in love. He was always there but we never kissed him. We always had a mutual understanding not to complicate things between us or risk our friendship. However, when we were apart, emotions overcame all logic.” We decided to stop living in denial and accept our feelings. Now she is just beautiful.”

Ali and Jasmine have also appeared together on Music videos.

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