Japanese companies set to introduce office ‘nap boxes’, netizens not impressed

Japan’s work culture is notorious for being crowded and employees routinely work shifts of more than 10 hours, leading to sleep deprivation.

In order to tackle this problem, two Japanese companies have come together to create “nap boxes” that allow employees to sleep standing upright like a “flamingo”.

Tokyo-based furniture company Itoki and plywood company Koyoju Gohan will collaborate to make capsule-like structures. Helping sleep-deprived workers.

According to a Bloomberg report, the “nap box” will be designed so that “the person’s head, knees and butt are comfortably supported so that the person does not fall.”

Talking about their product, Saeko Kawashima, Itoki’s director of communications, told Bloomberg, “In Japan, there are a lot of people who are going to lock themselves in the bathroom for a while, which I don’t think is healthy. It’s best to sleep in a comfortable place. “.

While the price and availability of the “nap box” in the market is no longer available, photos of its design have been posted online.

Many netizens referred to the product as a “coffin of exhaustion” and dubbed the idea “miserable.”

One person wrote on Twitter about the product, “Japanese companies will literally build sleep coffins before letting you work less than 60 hours a week.”

Another person remarked, “Healthy work culture: ‘Let’s not look at insane working hours and excessive management structures in the hierarchy!” Let’s just sleep in an erect coffin like Dracula! “

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