a comprehensive guide launched for dog owners

India, 5 July 2022:, a platform offering a comprehensive guide to owning dogs, was launched to help dog owners take care of their pets more effectively. Founder Apt Dubey noticed the need for easy and free access to information related to dog training and care. After conducting thorough research by consulting with other pet owners and banking on their personal experience, Apt was able to upload around 200+ articles on dog grooming, training and health.

“I have had at least one dog at home since childhood. Dogs don’t understand our language, that’s why training to communicate is more important. Along with this, pet owners should know what signs and gestures and changes in the dog’s behavior can indicate. The only purpose that motivated me to start this platform was to create easy communication.

India has 28 to 29 million pets and dogs have the highest ownership. Owners, also known as ‘pet parents’, are constantly looking for ways to make life easier for their pets and understand them better. This creates a gap in the need for quick and comprehensive information. Itsaboutdog is trying to bridge this gap.

“Our plan is to continue our research and keep uploading fresh articles to meet the needs of foster parents,” added Apt Dubey.

Dog owners can find articles on basic training such as bell training, potty training; health concerns such as conjunctivitis, blindness, and lymphoma; Dietary information such as dog food, drinking water, feeding guides and much more.

If you are a foster parent and want to learn more visit:

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